Newburgh's Latest Entertainment Venue

Silk Factory is located in the heart of historic Newburgh. Originally constructed in 1910, our venue was used as a factory and through the process called “throwing silk,” silk cocoons were unraveled and woven into silk thread hence the building’s name, Silk Factory. 

The painstaking 7 year restoration of this space paid the closest attention to detail and attempted to keep as much of the original architecture as possible. The end result is an elegant yet edgy, rich space filled with carefully curated antique furniture and art pieces sourced from all over the world.


Wednesday-Sunday: 9AM- 4PM (Cafe)

Thursday: 5PM-9PM (dinner)

Friday & Saturday: 5PM-10PM (dinner)

Meet Rich Fracasse


The Founder had a vision to repurpose what used to be a Silk Factory, and create an entertainment and event venue where people can come together and share culture through music, food and conversation. 

The 1910’s factory building, now a spacious multi-story venue, with an eclectic look personally curated by the visionnaire mind of Richard Fracasse, who strived to build a locale in his home of the City of Newburgh.