Deborah Hanlon: Intuitive Medium Gallery At The Silk Factory

Deborah Hanlon: Intuitive Medium Gallery At The Silk Factory

Join us for an incredible evening with Deborah Hanlon, a renowned intuitive medium. Get ready to connect with the spiritual realm and receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. This in-person event will be held at the Silk Factory, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere for a truly unforgettable experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight, guidance, and closure. Prepare to be amazed as Deborah Hanlon shares her extraordinary gift with you!

Silk Factory Presents: Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon*

Deborah’s quick wit and engaging presentation will have you laughing one moment and crying the next, but one thing’s for sure – no two Galleries are ever the same. During Galleries, Deborah will be “drawn” to certain individuals from the audience and share the messages she receives. Participants love to share the validations and often have their own fun stories to compliment the message. In addition to sharing her views on the afterlife and experience with those who have passed away, she is so passionate about empowering each attendee to see the signs your loved ones are always sending to you. The ‘winks’ and parallels’ are everywhere- we only have to pay attention! Deborah loves to demonstrate HOW! What good is it to ‘know’ your loved ones are around, if you don’t know how to access them after a Gallery? THAT is her main focus…teaching you how to trust your ‘winks’!

Doors open at 6pm, Deborah on at 7pm!

Full bar and full dinner menu will be available for additional purchase at the venue!

Email with any questions

*Attendees are not guaranteed a message from Deborah, but she does her best to keep you entertained, informed & intrigued!*


Feb 01 2024


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Silk Factory
299 Washington Street, Newburgh NY 12550
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